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Our world is rapidly changing and so too are the business and entrepreneurship landscapes. In order to stay ahead of the curve, it’s about time you look at the world differently and see all of the opportunities around you! Ideas2Action, or I2A, is an intensive one week program that will transform you into the entrepreneur or corporate innovator you always wanted to be.

In just five days, you will complete ten courses that will get you out of your comfort zone and viewing the world around you through the lens of entrepreneurship. The I2A program will help you drive innovation in your company, commercialize technologies or monetize your ideas. In those five days, this entrepreneurship bootcamp will equip you with the skills needed to take the next step as an entrepreneur and an innovator.
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Classes are taught by world-class MBA faculty with extensive experience in entrepreneurial ventures of their own. Apply today for the Ideas2Action 2017 program and receive a free mentoring session from one of our award-winning faculty and staff.

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One Week of Intensive Learning & Doing

See the example schedule below for a day by day breakdown our of intensive 1 week course. Just click on a day for a peek at what we have lined up for that day. Make sure to click on "Click to View ALL Activity" button to view all the activity. Click here to download a PDF version of the schedule.

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"We are so proud, in just our first year of running Ideas2Action, to be considered the best entrepreneurship boot camp in the country by the Education Advisory Board."       -Erick Mueller, Director of the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship


In such a rapidly changing business environment, what was ahead of its time six months ago is the standard today, and the only way to remain ahead of the curve is to change how you identify opportunities. You don’t have to be Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg to be entrepreneurial, you simply have to get outside of your comfort zone and view the world around you differently. With our one-week Ideas2Action program, you'll learn to do just that.

Launched in 2014, I2A is optimized for the person who wants and needs an entrepreneurship education but doesn't have time to pursue an MBA or MS in the field. We know that time is of the essence, and that is why we streamlined this course to dial you into some excellent course work, rev up your entrepreneurial engines, and jump start your new course. With the runaway success of our inaugural program, this year's Ideas2Action promises to be even better. Features include:  a startup tour, improv workshop, entrepreneurship fundamentals, ideation, competitive strategy, product/service development, marketing, fundraising, entrepreneurial finance, team building, attracting resources, scaling and acceleration, mentoring sessions with all-star business leaders, and a pitch competition judged by a panel of Boulder investors and executives. These are just a few of the highlights!

We can't wait to see the how this amazing experience with our world-class MBA faculty and programming will positively transform your life. Ideas2Action will instill the foundation of knowledge needed to drive innovation in your company, commercialize technologies, or monetize your budding idea or ideas.

In 2014, students not only learned about the principles of entrepreneurship, but also experienced entrepreneurship firsthand through hands-on workshops, projects, and interactions with the real-world marketplace and mentors. Entrepreneurship is not confined to startups, its applicable to any company large or small, no matter the industry. We encourage the following people to apply:

  • Executives looking to drive innovation in their firm.
  • Researchers looking to commercialize technologies.
  • Nascent entrepreneurs who want to launch startups.
  • Self-made entrepreneurs who need to understand the principles of entrepreneurship to grow their startup.

Past I2A participants came from a wide variety of backgrounds – students, long-time business owners, corporate employees, you name it – and by program’s end, each and every participant attested to its positive impact. Whether they figured out how to control their business' finances or finally felt informed enough to launch the startup of their dreams, the I2A class of 2014 has gone on to utilize their fresh, innovative perspective in business and life to pursue their passions.

We guarantee that all participants walk away from I2A with an entrepreneurial toolkit that will serve them in all of their future endeavors.   In addition to developing these skills, one will also leave with an enhanced network of peers, mentors, investors and executives. So what are you waiting for? Ideas2Action awaits.  Sign up for more information today!

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