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Don Hazell  Don Hazell Don Hazell served as an Executive Vice President at Rally Software Development through 2013. He was responsible for customer-facing operations, including strategic marketing, training and services, and direct sales. Don now serves on the Deming Center board and invests his time and treasure to entrepreneurs.
Mark Gordon Mark-Gordon Mark Gordon is the President and CEO of Stratom, Inc., a Colorado-based unmanned/robotics engineering and manufacturing firm that provides integrated solutions and products to government, commercial and global clients. Mr. Gordon understands strategy planning and execution, financial planning and accountability, and identifying and translating customers’ needs into programs and deliverables.
Carol Frank carol frank9794 Carol developed three multi-million dollar companies. She combines her insider’s expertise in all aspects of businesses to help entrepreneurs, business owners and executives shorten the learning curve and increase profits, while reducing headaches.
Zach Nies Zach Nies Zach is currently Managing Director at Techstars and Faculty Member of the Computer Science at CU within the Engineering Department. With previous leadership experience at Rally Software, Level 3, and many more Zach is intimate with technology, entrepreneurship, and education. Zach’s entire career has been dedicated to entrepreneurship at startups and inside large companies. He is using that experience guided by his core value of Learn, Do, Teach, Learn to help companies of all sizes successfully bring new products and services to market.
Ken McDonald Ken McDonald Ken is currently Chief Growth Officer at TeamSnap. As a B2C & B2B Marketing and Sales Executive, Ken has a passion for cutting edge analytics, mobile technologies, and e-commerce. Experience growing Internet companies from a few thousand users to ten million plus. He is fluent in almost every aspect of online marketing including SEO, paid search, email marketing, Facebook and display advertising, social media, content marketing, lead nurturing, and many more.
James Beers James Beers co-founded Beers & Cutler and served as its Managing Partner and Chief Executive until 2000. Beers served as a Co-Chairman and Director of McArthurGlen UK Ltd. since 2003. As Co-Chairman of McArthurGlen, he spearheaded its negotiations with Henderson Global Investors to put five of its continental centers developed into a new sole purpose pan-European Retail Fund and is responsible for securing and obtaining institutional and private financing for future development opportunities. For over twenty years, Jim Beers worked with real estate companies of all sizes in Washington metropolitan area, advising them on taxes, developing their businesses, increasing profits and planning for the future.
Adrian Tuck Adrian has more than 20 years of executive management and leadership experience. As CEO of Tendril, he focuses on expanding customer bases through multiple sales and marketing channels, including alliances with leading companies. Adrian is also the vice-chair of the ZigBee Alliance, an association of companies working together to enable reliable, cost-effective, low-power, wirelessly networked, monitoring and control products based on an open global standard. Prior to Tendril, Adrian served as both interim CEO and executive vice president of Ember Corporation, a leading semiconductor provider to the Smart Grid, where he guided the company’s market strategy through its critical early-growth stage. He received his education at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the British Army’s prestigious officer training academy.
Ross Shell Ross Shell Founder/CEO of Red Idea Partners. Ross has spent his professional career as a marketer and business strategist, as well as an entrepreneur and early stage investor. His career has included serving as President of Tesser, a nationally regarded branding firm focused on the restaurant and food sectors, and working for IDEO, an innovation consultancy.
Rob Israel Graduate of Harvard and serial entrerpeneur, Rob has launched 3 successful companies including his latest venture Doc Popcorn. He teaches at the University and has been published in the Wallstreet Journal and on Fox news.
Daniel Zacek Daniel has founded or co-founded six startups, with four successful exits, and both bootstrapped and seed funded. His background is in both Public Safety, as a Paramedic and 9-1-1 Center Manager, and in Tech Leadership roles, as CTO, Lead Developer, SME, and Product Manager.
David Prinster David Prinster has over 20 years experience in the IT Industry where he started as a software developer and progressed into leadership roles in Marketing, Business Development, and Partnerships. Prinster has extensive experience in implementing integrated go-to-market strategies with B2B software and cloud computing solutions for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. He has also owned his own advertising firm and B2B franchise during the dot-com days. Dave is a utility player who will add value immediately as a team leader or individual contributor in a variety of areas, including: Inbound marketing, content development, social media, SEO, brand development, messaging, events, business development, channels, alliances, sales, and strategic planning. I am passionate about identifying and developing new market opportunities for cool companies with great products built by collaborative teams.
Chris Bentley Chris Bentley Chris has been a business founder/owner in the pet industry since 1990 and has now started a new premium brand of natural pet care products for the wholesale market – I and love and you. It is very rapidly growing, privately held company located in Boulder, CO with a dedicated, passionate, and driven team.
Ryan Ferrero Ryan-Ferrero1 Ryan is a seasoned entrepreneur. He founded an eco-friendly auto service provider called Green Garage. He is also the founder of Boulder’s new business acclerator/incubator – Ignyte.
Mike Farrell Mike-Farrel Mike is a seasoned business advisor and management consultant with significant experience in diverse, international locations on all continents except Antarctica. His successful career has run the gamut from the Launch Pad to the Boardroom, including a Silicon Valley startup. Early in his career he rose up the corporate ladder to become a partner at Deloitte. There he performed a key role in establishing Deloitte Consulting as one of the world’s premier management and technology consulting firms.
Jeff Greenberg Jeff-greenberg Founder and Executive Director of The Kitchen Coop. The Kitchen Coop The Kitchen Coop provides ideal food manufacturing space, culinary equipment, industry professionals, and supplemental shared services to help startup food companies become profitable. Jeff’s has more than 11 years as a management consultant included work for PriceWaterhouse Coopers. Jeff has worked with food companies, ranging in size from $200K – $32M and 3 – 350 employees.
Peter Behrendt behrendt_peter_head Peter joined NEA, one of the world’s largest and most active venture capital firms, in 1999. Present NEA board memberships include Centerbeam and Virtela and, previously, CreekPath Systems, RainFinity, ProStor, and Troika Networks. He previously served as CEO and Chairman of Exabyte Corporation, which under his leadership grew from no revenue in 1987 to $363 million in 1996 and became the largest company in the world solely dedicated to tape drives and libraries.
Cory Finney cory As co-founder and CEO of SnowGate LLC, Cory is responsible for business organization and development, fundraising, operations, major contract negotiations, financial oversight, strategic planning and execution, as well as overseeing the day to day operations of the company. In November 2013 SnowGate debuted our product at Winter Park Resort.
Rich Kopcho Rich Kopcho is the current CMO and co-founder of Corvida Software, a scalable startup spinning-out technology developed by software consulting firm Ionzero as useful SaaS applications targeted at integration issues of disparate systems and services. Kopcho is a well rounded sales and marketing professional experienced learning customer needs through both quantitative and qualitative primary and secondary research methods; translating and matching customer insights into product attributes and launching or selling products in worldwide markets.
McCabe Callahan McCabe is in charge of the development and growth of Community Funded. McCabe is a communicator, decision maker, leader, manager, coordinator, collaborator, and executor. This includes problem solving, research and development, networking, connecting, and presenting the idea to the community. McCabe has leveraged the relationships built over the past 10 years, developed through his coffee shops, to foster community partnerships implementing Community Funded’s strategy. He acts as the primary public face for CF actively presenting ideas to communities. McCabe is the managing directly responsible for laying the path for Community Funded.
Nicole Cassanova Nicole-Cas Nicole loves vaporware and being involved in the next big thing. She sold online and mobile HD video and live-streaming to sites when they were adamant that no one would watch anything that wasn’t on a TV.Nicole has spent time in organics (working early on with the first online, non-gmo, organic grocer) and can have a pretty engaged conversation around food banks, healthy eating, school lunches, and best practices when it comes to making kale smoothies. Also, Nicole loves impact investing and social entrepreneurs and the amazing projects they put their passion into.
Brian Pachtman brain-pachtman Brian is the founder and CEO Ruya CrossFit. He has been an avid CrossFitter, trainer, and competitor for over 6 years, and still gets excited about applying his leading and coaching capabilities to small group classes at Ruya CrossFit. Brian has numerous CrossFit certifications but he is most proud of his Olympic Weightlifting certifications.
Shina Culberson shina-culberson Shina is President of Quist. She brings over two decades of financial and valuation experience to her leadership and guidance of the firm. Prior to joining Quist, Ms. Culberson was an Equity Analyst for Cohen Independent Research Group and she also served as a Director at Charles Schwab Investment Management.
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